International Agriculture Minor (INTAG)

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” —Nelson Mandela

INTAG students study the science, business, and culture of global agriculture both in the classroom and on location around the world. Graduates thrive in business, law, government, non-profit organizations, and in the academic world.

To understand the world, start with agriculture.

Dive deep into agricultural challenges and solutions that are as old as humanity but never more pressing and relevant than today. We study local responses to emerging questions like climate change, globalization, exploding populations, and traditional agricultural practices confronted by emerging markets and technologies. 

The classroom alone won’t cut it. Pack your bags, roll up your sleeves, and experience agriculture firsthand across the planet.

INTAG offers profound added value to your Penn State experience and may be combined with any undergraduate major.

One minor. Two methods. Infinite destinations.

In INTAG, the world truly is your oyster, but you’re not going it alone. Your Ag advisory team will work closely with you to help refine your area of study, travel abroad location, and the right method to achieve your academic goals.

Method one (preferred)

A full-semester international study/research experience paired with:

  • Introduction to International Agriculture (INTAG 100)
  • Senior Seminar (INTAG 490)

Method two (ideal for students unable to study abroad for a full semester)

A short-term (3-credit) education abroad program paired with:

  • Introduction to International Agriculture (INTAG 100)
  • Senior Seminar (INTAG 490)

and an additional 9 credits selected from social and natural science courses like:

  • AEE 400 Global Agricultural Education
  • SPAN 105 Elementary Spanish I for Students in the Agricultural Sciences
  • AGECO 3 The Future of Food
  • NUTR 425 Global Nutrition Problems: Health, Science, and Ethics
  • ENT 222 Honey Bees and Humans
  • PPEM 405 Microbe-Plant Interactions: Plant Disease and Biological Control

 For details on program requirements, suggested academic plan, and more, see the University Bulletin.

A group of Penn State INTAG students in front of horse stalls.
INTAG students can often take a full semester abroad.
A Penn State student works in the lab.

Career paths: grow your world.

INTAG is a game changer for your college experience and your résumé. It can lead to careers in international business, public policy, foreign service, law, ag education, and more.

INTAG is a great option if you want to:

  • have international study experience that is interesting, eye-opening, and has incredible career shaping value
  • sharpen foreign language skills
  • broaden your perspective on a particular agricultural industry or area of study

 Interested in knowing more about job opportunities? Explore International Careers and Internships.

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