Posted: January 20, 2022

There is less than a few weeks until #GLAG22 kick-off! Don't miss out on joining a community of educators from around the world that shares specific resources on connecting your students to the world and preparing them for global agriculture opportunities! Kick-off is February 7, 2022 for this year-long celebration.

Are you someone who enjoys learning about different cultures?  Are you someone who loves education? We have just the thing for you!  Register now for the Global Learning in Agriculture Community, and receive monthly resources to elevate your global learning!

What is GLAG?

GLAG is an innovative professional development space to synergize diverse educator audiences around global agriculture and food security.  GLAG is guided by the following learning targets:

  • Identify resources and opportunities for global learning in agriculture and food security education
  • Share scholarship related to global learning in agriculture and food security
  • Engage in the development of innovative instructional programming
  • Cultivate an interdisciplinary community of educators to catalyze global food systems transformation