Posted: May 5, 2017

The Penn State Dairy Products Evaluation Team received a 1st Place trophy in the yogurt category of the the 95th Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest on April 12th in Madison, Wisconsin.

The contest was held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference sponsored by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. Teams from 14 universities competed in six products - yogurt, butter, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, vanilla ice cream, and strawberry yogurt in addition to an all products category.

The team of Ellie (Xiaoqing) Tan, Jennifer (Yue) Huang and Shu-wei Huang had an exceptional day at the contest. They placed 1st in yogurt, 3rd in butter, 3rd in cottage cheese, 3rd in ice cream, and 4th in all products. Ellie Tan placed 2nd in cottage cheese, 3rd in yogurt, 3rd in butter, and 4th in all products. Jennifer Huang placed 2nd in yogurt and 6th in all products. The team had an opportunity to meet with industry representatives at the conference expo.

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