Posted: March 22, 2018

Recent college graduate, entrepreneur and food innovator Nikki Azzara tells her story and what she's learned about introducing a new food product.

Nikki Azzara took her P.S. Snacks guilt-free, satisfying and good-for-you chocolate chip cookie dough from launch to Whole Foods Market in about a year.

She is a gluten-free foodie, avid runner and health enthusiast -- with a sweet tooth. In her dorm room at Wake Forest University, Azzara created recipes to make guilt-free chocolate chip cookies and brownies that are both tasty and good for you.

The summer after she graduated in 2014, she realized the chocolate chip cookie dough she made from chickpeas and the brownie batter she made from black beans was popular with family and friends.

And it solved a problem: It was a guilt-free, healthy snack.

She began developing the product and raising money.

In fall 2016, she launched the products as P.S. Snacks. A year later, she sold them to Whole Foods stores across the Mid-Atlantic -- and could finally hire some help.

Nikki Azzara will tell her story March 29 at 1:35 pm in 16 ASI.

Don't miss this chance to hear her tales from the startup trenches as a recent college graduate.

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