Posted: April 5, 2023

Agriculture is business and economics as much as it is political, sociological, biophysical, philosophical, ecological.  To transform our food systems sustainably we need change makers who understand and systematically mediate between these dimensions.

The pioneering Master's program ‘Agriculture, Ecology & Societies’ (AGES) at University of Kassel will prepare you to work at the forefront of sustainability transitions in agriculture in public and international agencies, responsible firms, NGOs and research institutes - plus on farms that experiment with new methods of sustainable production.

Kassel-Witzenhausen is the only university campus in Europe that (since 1996) has focused exclusively on organic agriculture, its governance and development. In this Master's program, we combine expertise with three faculties at Kassel University’s main campus (Social Sciences Humanities & Economics).

AGES offers the unique opportunity to study agriculture as a complex social-ecological system, in order to:

  • understand its agronomic and ecological basis
  • critically reflect on the underlying political, historical and social relations
  • think agricultural economics from an ecological premise
  • reflect ethically and conceptually on agriculture(s) and human-nature interaction

You will learn to interpret and connect knowledge from all relevant disciplines, and to manage and mediate transformative initiatives.

Required is an above-average Bachelor degree in the agricultural or social sciences, economics or humanities and excellent command of the English language. As an international program, AGES will kickstart your intercultural and interdisciplinary competence for a meaningful career in shaping the transformation of agriculture and the food system.

Detailed information may be found on the program website.