Posted: July 15, 2021

Here are opportunities to work on your wellness, and reminders for overall well-being.

Wellness Services

Did you know you that you can sign up for a free individual wellness service appointment with a staff member? Available topics include stress management, sleep, physical activity, nutrition and healthy relationships. Visit our website for more details.

Manage Stress Workbook

This workbook includes a range of activities that will help you identify and track everyday stress. You’ll learn a variety of research-based strategies that will help you counteract stress. Visit us in 20 IM Building for your own copy of the Manage Stress Workbook.

Pennsylvania's Medical Amnesty Law

If you, in good faith, call and believe you are the first to call 911, police, ambulance or campus security, give your name and stay with the person to prevent that person’s death or serious injury, you will be immune from prosecution for consumption or possession of alcohol.