Posted: November 23, 2020

During this 1-week break from class, enjoy various activities that are self-guided and self-paced.

Here's an example of what your week could include.

Monday, November 23rd:
Check out the Mindfulness Toolkit on the Healthy Penn State website. Listen to the Science of Happiness podcast.

Tuesday, November 24th:
Try a recorded yoga and meditation class with Sima!

Wednesday, November 25th:
Check out page 8 and 9 of the Manage Stress Workbook. Enjoy a compassion meditation and body scan meditation.

Thursday, November 26th:
Try a healthy recipe or cook a meal with Healthy Eating with HealthWorks.

Friday, November 27th:
Develop your understanding of stress and how it impacts your life by trying the Stress Management 101 self-guided course.
It is designed to help you manage and reduce your stress, develop coping mechanisms and tools to manage your stress.

Learn about these activities and more on the Health Promotion and Wellness website.