Posted: March 30, 2023

Students who have a precision agriculture idea with a focus on environmental and cost saving benefits to farmers are encouraged to apply.

There are many reasons to adopt precision agriculture, such as reducing waste, reducing costs, increasing profits, and reducing farming’s footprint on the environment.

For today's young people who will be tomorrow's leaders, considering environmental and financial factors related to the agriculture industry are all equally important. is pleased to announce that students studying agriculture can apply for a scholarship to win one of three $2,000 ($US) scholarships. Students who have a precision agriculture idea that will have a positive impact on the environment (most precision agriculture ideas do) and/or reduce costs for the farmer, are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

Deadline for scholarships entries in June 30, 2023.

The Precision Agriculture Scholarship judges will then narrow down the top three entries in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Once the judges have narrowed down the top entries, farmers, producers, and members of the agriculture community across each country will be invited to vote on what they believe is the most practical and worthwhile to determine the winning $2,000 scholarship entry.

2023 Scholarship entries are instructed to focus on environmental and cost saving benefits to farmers. This year, with increases in input costs, those who practice precision agriculture techniques will also understand the financial benefits of some of the scholarship entries.

Voting will close in August, and the winner of the $2,000 scholarships will be announced in September.