Posted: February 21, 2022

Penn State Dairy Science Club will host the 99th annual Dairy Expo on April 9th at the Snider Agricultural Arena. Gain hands-on experience by preparing and exhibiting a Penn State-owned dairy heifer in the show. No experience necessary!

Are you interested in learning to show dairy cattle? Are you seeking the opportunity to do so during your time at Penn State?

The Penn State Dairy Expo is open to all students interested in gaining hands on experience with dairy cattle and learning the basics of preparing and handling animals for a show.

You will have time to practice and prepare with your animal in the weeks prior to the event. Experienced showmen from the club will be providing demonstrations and tips regarding fitting and showmanship. Spectators are also welcome, so invite your friends and family to attend this fun, long-standing tradition.

To register (Deadline is March 4th) or to ask questions, please contact Sam Anderson at