Posted: March 3, 2020

Ag Student of the Month is a prestigious award given out by the College of Ag Student Council to a student that demonstrates actions that benefit their club and the College of Agricultural Sciences!

Ms. Kleeberg is an outstanding Junior studying Wildlife and Fisheries Science at University Park.  Her activities demonstrate the values of an explanatory College of Ag student effectively discovering and translating relevant research and science to solve real-world problems related to our ecosystem.  As an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Etya Amsalem's lab, which focuses on behavior and conservation in bumblebees, she is studying the effects of brood on bumblebee worker reproduction.  Specifically, she is trying to understand how worker bees will reproduce in the absence of a Queen.

In addition to her research, Ms. Kleeberg represents the College of Ag Sciences as a member of the professional agricultural fraternity Alpha Zeta (AZ) furthering the interests of agriculture at Penn State and beyond.  As apart of AZ's philanthropic nature, Ms. Kleeberg was a dancer in the 2019 THON. Her dedication to ending childhood cancer through raising money and dancing in THON is truly outstanding.  Her activities at Penn State include being a member of Penn State Outing Club, Penn State student hockey section better known as the Roar Zone and she volunteers at Centre County PAWS - a no-kill animal shelter and adoption organization, thus demonstrating a well rounded student. Congratulations Bailey on Ag Student of the Month!