Posted: April 8, 2020

Ag Student of the Month is a prestigious award given out by Ag Student Council to a student that demonstrates actions that benefit their club and the College of Agricultural Sciences!

Mr. Daniel Wesdock has demonstrated outstanding qualities of an Ag Student!  He is a graduating senior this year majoring in Soil Science with the option of Environmental Resource Management.  Mr. Wesdock has been involved in Alpha Zeta professional agricultural fraternity since his second semester, serving as vice president in 2018 and president in 2019.  Alpha Zeta's mission is to promote agriculture in both the current community and in communities that are not traditionally Ag based.  He was encouraged to get involved with Ag Student Council in his sophomore year and served as Treasurer in 2018 and Vice President in 2019. Also, he has competed in a regional and national collegiate soil judging contest as part of the Penn State Soil Judging team.  Through the Summer and Fall of 2019, Mr. Wesdock worked as a lab technician in the Soil Characterization Lab where he contributed to an ecology study by preparing and processing soil samples to calculate soil particle size.  His extensive involvement and dedication to the College of Ag Sciences insurmountable, congratulations Dan!