Posted: June 16, 2023

Ag Student Council hosted the Ag Olympics on Sunday, April 16th. Alpha Zeta won 1st and 2nd with Blooms and Shrooms Club taking 3rd.

Alpha Zeta took home the Ag Olympics trophy on Sunday, April 16th at HUB Lawn. The Ag Olympics is an event that promotes unity between the organizations of the college through friendly competition. Eleven teams representing a variety of agricultural organizations engaged in events such as barrel racing and tug-of-war. The second team representing Alpha Zeta took second place and Blooms and Shrooms Club completed the leaderboard with third place. The Ag Olympics also honored artistic talents and club spirit this year with a poster contest. Sigma Alpha won “Best Poster” with Beta Sisters as a close second.

Alpha Zeta is a professional, honorary, co-ed, and agricultural fraternity that furthers the interests of agriculture at Penn State. The membership of brothers and sisters come from a wide range of backgrounds and majors. They are heavily active within the college, clubs, and other events on campus. Alpha Zeta provides many opportunities for growth and to get involved for its membership. They host a variety of events including professional development events, community service events, social events, and more. There are many pathways Alpha Zeta possesses for members to be involved within the community, college, and organization.

According to member Austin Kolb, “What makes Alpha Zeta special is the people that are a part of this great organization. I'm happy to have joined an organization where I made a lot of connections and friendships along the way.”

Blooms and Shrooms Club is an organization for students interested in learning about plant pathology, mycology, and environmental microbiology. Their opportunities include networking with researchers, developing professional skills, exploring nature on and off campus, and fun social events.

If interested in joining Alpha Zeta or Blooms and Shrooms Club, you can find them on OrgCentral.