Posted: January 10, 2019

Ag Springboard helps students stand out to employers, build their resumes and learn to pitch ideas.

Are you looking for an opportunity to stand out and perhaps land the right internship or job?

Then consider joining or forming a team to compete in the 2019 Ag Springboard Competition.

Build your resume and have a compelling story for employers about how you stand out.

Who knows? Maybe your team will start something great!

Ag Springboard is an idea pitch competition that is open to all Penn State Students who have venture ideas in food, agriculture, bio-renewables, community and sustainability.

Initial team submissions require a 5-minute round one pitch video for the opportunity to compete live to win $7,500 to apply to your pitch idea.

Several past winners have started non-profits and businesses!

For more information and team member enrollment email Dr. Mark Gagnon at .

Register teams by February 15th here.

Venture forth in 2019, we are here to help!