This is one of our club's most important fundraiser held in the fall semester.

What is the Meat Sale?

We hold a sale each year. Members of our club sell a variety of beef and pork products to students, faculty, and family members. Club members can earn initiation credits for selling product, and members who are active participants in the meat sale get priority when our club makes large trips like the National Block and Bridle Convention. The meat sale is an essential part of the success of the Penn State Block and Bridle Club!

What is offered in the meat sale?

There are several meat products we offer in the meat sale, which includes Boneless Ham, Breakfast, Maple, Smokey Sausages as well as Beef Summer Sausage and ground beef. These high quality products come from animals raised right here on campus! The Penn State Swine Center and Beef/Sheep Center provide the animals, which are processed at the Penn State Meat Laboratory. Block and Bridle members are involved in every part of the process!. We have many members who work at the animal units here on campus including the meat laboratory. Block and Bridle members also help to make the products and then sell and distribute the products.

Why buy from Penn State Block and Bridle?

When it comes to "buying local", you can't get anymore local than this! The meat comes from animals raised here at Penn State by Penn State students and faculty. It is processed, packaged, and sold here as a high quality, fresh product. Secondly, you are supporting Penn State Block and Bridle. The meat sale is an important part of our fundraising efforts, and the success of our club's activities is due to adequate funding. Your support keeps us going!

How can I order?

The meat sale has past for the 2021 year. Check back next year for sale dates and forms.

Meat Descriptions