The most spectacular event Penn State Block and Bridle hosts every spring!

What is Little International?

Little International (AKA "Little I") is a competition hosted in the spring semester where students, both in the club and out of the club, are welcome to show a livestock species of their choosing. We offer the opportunity to show sheep, swine, horses, or beef cattle. Students do not need prior experience in the world of livestock in order to show. Preparation for Little I begins months before the actual show, featuring club members planning the event, as well as students practicing with their animal. 

How can YOU help?

Every year, many club supporters, whether they be family members, Penn State faculty, or alumni, reach out to us regarding how they can help continue the tradition that is Little I. Each spring we create a sponsorship letter, with the hopes that our supporters can donate to aid in us hosting this event, as well as our post-Little I banquet. Any amount helps! We will be releasing more information come this winter regarding how you can help the club put on this wonderful event.

How was the 105th Little I?

The 105th Little I took place on Saturday, April 1, 2023. We had a great turnout of exhibitors, as well as spectators. Alli Jobe, a senior in Block and Bridle, was our Grand Champion. She did an excellent job showing her sheep, followed by a knock-out round-robin performance. Tayler Garges, a sophomore in Block and Bridle, was our Reserve Champion. She also had a superb performance throughout the course of the day. We finished the day at the Mountain View Country Club, where our Little I/Annual Block and Bridle Banquet was held. Awards were given to various deserving club members, and we enjoyed a formal evening together. We would like to congratulate Mattie Horchler and Ella Brummer for their excellent job putting together and managing this show! We could not have done it without their distinguished leadership!