Check out our club activities below and make sure to check the Events page for the upcoming meeting and activity dates!

Educational and Leadership Activities

We offer educational activities to help inform our own members, grade school students, prospective students, and other students on our campus. These opportunities give us the chance to take leadership roles as well as to learn and expand our horizons.


Our club wouldn't be able to do all our fun activities and trips or have dinner at each meeting if not for our diligent fundraising activities! Its not to say that we can't have fun while raising money, though! Thanks to everyone who helped out or supported us in some way!


A great way to give back to the community is through the many service projects we do throughout the year. We have been blessed with so much and it is our duty to pass on those blessings to all those around us! While our blood drive is a huge event, more service events are being incorporated into the club. Alyssa Brown, our 2023-2024 Service Chair, did such an excellent job this past year that Block and Bridle won the Outstanding Service Award for the 2024 Penn State Student Organization Awards!


Our social chairs stay hopping all year to provide the club with good, clean, wholesome fun! Activities vary from year to year, but never fail to bring a smile to club members' faces. All our activities are lots of fun and they are a good way to unite those in the club, as well as to interact with other clubs in the College of Ag!