Turning the Tide

Penn State Extension faculty and staff work to get the message out about the importance of protecting our precious water.

Flush with Data

Researchers in the college probe wastewater for clues about human and ecosystem health.

Wise Water Management

Researchers in the college create and test high-tech instruments to advance "precision irrigation."

The Interview: Kathryn Bartling

In her new job as watershed project coordinator in the college, Kathryn Bartling hopes to leverage the power of partnerships to create real change.

Increasing Crop Yields with Machine Learning

Team develops algorithms to predict yields under various scenarios.

Access to Healthy Food

Study examines connection between availability of healthy food options and health.

After the Disaster Hits

Study explores link between earthquakes, rainfall, and food insecurity in Nepal.

Healthier Chickens

Antioxidant-rich specialty corn reduces necrotic enteritis.

Dairy Farmers Can Adapt to Climate Change

Warming climate worsens nutrient pollution but lengthens growing season.

Building Better Chocolate

More intense roasting of cocoa beans lessens bitterness, boosts chocolate liking.

Natural Bug Repellent

Horn fly resistance observed in Holstein cattle.

Robot Vision

A novel lighting system helps agricultural robots "see" clearly.

Getting Ahead of COVID

New tool predicts changes that may make COVID variants more infectious.

Picking Pollinator-Preferred Plants

What to plant to attract pollinators, according to research.

Sticklebacks Not Stuck

Some wildlife may adapt to climate change.

Northern Migration

Red-backed salamanders may shift northward in response to climate change.

A Time and Place

Research suggests foliar fungicides help increase soybean yield in some regions.

They Come 'Bear'-ing Ticks

Researchers find bears may contribute to tick spread.

You Gotta Have Faith In Your Water

Alumna Faith Kibuye is committed to improving lives through improving water.

A Future of Opportunity

Kelly Praskovich, new associate director of alumni relations in Ag Sciences

Armsby Awards

The Armsby Honor Society, named in recognition of the college's first dean, Henry P. Armsby, honors alumni and friends who have demonstrated a profound commitment to the College of Agricultural Sciences through their service, scholarship, teaching, and philanthropy.

Speaking For the Trees

Center for Private Forests renamed to honor Jim Finley

The Road to Consensus

Addressing Wicked Environmental Problems through Engaging Stakeholders

Big Sky

Summer rain brings a welcome break to the dry summer at Penn State's Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center, along state Route 45 at Rock Springs.