Subgroup: Extension and Rural Education -- This Farmer-to Farmer project draws directly from the high-priority constraints identified in the Rapid Rural Reconnaissance (RRR) project and focuses on strengthening dissemination channels and the actors who move agricultural production and consumer science information.

Executive Summary/Description

The primary beneficiaries of the project are intended to be the small farmers in post conflict areas - beginning with the same areas where the RRR was carried out - as well as the NGOs that are providing technical information to these farmers. The project is being carried out in 2017-2018.

LGU Team Participants

New Mexico State University

Colombian Partners

Universidad de la Salle


Expected outcomes include the design of a regional extension-type project that could serve as a model for a national network that connects agricultural research institutions throughout the country with the farmers and livestock raisers.

Project Funding

  • Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA)