Subgroup: Cacao -- Working with multiple partners from the United States and Colombia, the CFP Initiative supports Colombia’s peace process by establishing a road map for post‐conflict agricultural development.

Executive Summary/Description

The initiative focuses on cacao and facilitating initiatives to improve economic opportunity, stability, and peace in targeted rural areas (i.e. peace geography). Through the Cacao for Peace Initiative, partners provide the tools and resources necessary to empower Colombian agricultural institutions to become leading global suppliers of fine cacao. This initiative will create economic opportunities for both American chocolate manufacturers and thousands of Colombian farmers and their families. Penn State has been actively involved in the Cacao for Peace Initiative. For more information on these activities, visit our web site.

LGU Team Participants

Penn State University

Siela Maximova
Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology; Co-Director, Program of the Molecular Biology of Cacao

Mark Guiltinan
Professor of Plant Molecular Biology; Director, Plant Science Center, Penn State Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Colombian Partners

  • USDA-Colombia
  • USAID-Colombia


Project Funding

  • USDA-USAID Agreement