The mission of the LGU Consortium for Colombia is to support advancement of the goals of Colombian institutions in building capacity for higher education, research and agricultural extension in a post-conflict era.

Specific objectives of the LGU Consortium for Colombia include:

  1. Building human capacity by training Colombian MS and PhD students and by promoting two-way mobility for US and Colombian students, researchers and other agricultural personnel.
  2. Increasing research capacity by developing collaborations among students, faculty and researchers throughout the Colombian and USA LGU Agricultural education and research system.
  3. Working with key stakeholders (e.g. Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and Ministry of Education) to develop technology transfer and rural advisory services.
  4. Developing institutional capacity for agricultural innovation by building a network of problem solvers from the public and that private sector.

To achieve these goals, it is essential to generate a network of individuals and organizations that are willing to interact and to work together toward common or compatible goals. Included below are results of a survey conducted by the LGU Consortium and EAFIT with support of the US Embassy in Colombia that provides information related to US and Colombian individual researcher's expertise, existing projects and future opportunities and ideas for collaborations.