Trent Loos

Born in Quincy, Illinois, Trent Loos is a sixth-generation farmer, who started farming at the young age of five by raising swine.  Over the years and in conjunction with his father, he expanded his operation to a purebred seed-stock company; supplying boars and gilts to producers across the country.  Trent currently resides with his wife and three daughters on their ranch in Loup City, Nebraska.  Trent’s love for and desire to promote agriculture didn’t stop with farming.  In 2001, Trent launched “Loos Tails”; a radio talk show.  Today, 3 million listeners on 100 radio stations across the country hear the broadcasts daily.  In 2003, Trent, his wife, Kelli, and a small group of producers founded “Faces of Agriculture”.  This is an organization that strives to convince consumers that the abundant supply of safe, healthy food eaten in this country is produced by real people on farms and not created in factories.  With the “Faces of Agriculture” Trent has traveled the country to reveal stories about the people involved in the many different facets of agriculture and to spread the word about food producers in the United States.  



Over the years, Trent has visited the Block & Bridle Club on numerous occasions to inform, motivate, and simply inspire members to take action in promoting America’s number one resource: Agriculture.  His presentations while moving and motivational all have a message; to bridge the gap between food producers and consumers. He addressed this message by showing us our role in the future of agriculture and ways to deal with the media. After listening to Mr. Loos' presentation, all those present were motivated to think about what we could do to preserve American agriculture.