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The center is a focal point for cross-disciplinary research and outreach on air and water quality, soil conservation, invasive species, climate change and other environmental issues of consequence to agriculture.

Agriculture and Environment Center News

Many PA farmers are voluntarily implementing water quality protection practices such as planting streamside forest buffers. Photo: Kristen Kyler, Penn State University
Webinar Discusses An Inventory of Farm Conservation Practices in Pennsylvania
April 24, 2017
There is much interest into what extent Pennsylvania farmers are using water quality protection practices. Conservation practice adoption is well-documented for practices that are implemented with federal or state financial assistance.
New breed of supermolecule 'hunts down' harmful drugs, removes them from water
April 24, 2017
An effective, environmentally friendly way to monitor and remove pharmaceuticals from water has been discovered by a team of scientists.
Idaho State University Study Links Nitrate Contamination In Lower Portneuf Valley Watershed To Septic Tanks
April 24, 2017
Idaho State University researchers have established a clear link to septic sources of nitrate contamination in about one-third of the 100 private wells in the Lower Portneuf Valley Watershed sampled for a study.
Calculating recharge of groundwater more precisely
April 24, 2017
Current models underestimate role of subsurface heterogeneity, researchers suggest in a new article. Groundwater is a vital resource in many regions around the globe. For managing drinking water, the recharge rate is an important quantity for securing sustainable supplies.
Photo: Susan Boser, Penn State Extension
Water and Forest Ecology among Topics at “The Woods in Your Backyard” Workshop in Southwest Pennsylvania
April 17, 2017
Of course trees need water to grow, but woods are equally important to the health of local waterways. Wooded areas reduce stormwater runoff, filter potential pollutants from entering surface water, and enhance aquatic life populations.