Steps to add a concurrent major in the College of Agricultural Sciences

To add a concurrent major in the College of Agricultural Sciences, the student must:

    1. Initiate the "Add Major" function in LionPATH (Update Academics)
    2. And complete the paper forms (both the university and the college) for the review and approval to take place.

Details on how to complete the process and forms

  1. The student will submit a request to "Add" the concurrent major in LionPATH (Update Academics).
  2. The student will receive a response that the "request has been sent to the college for review".
    If the student has any questions about their request, contact the college responsible for the requested major.
  3. The student will still need to complete the College of Ag Sciences "College of Ag Sciences Concurrent Major Form" (see link below) with their current program adviser and an adviser in their proposed concurrent major. This form will need to be completed in its entirety, including signatures. We are aware that other Colleges and programs might have different procedures so it will be important for the student to work with academic advisers for both majors in the preparation and processing of the form.
  4. The completed Concurrent Major Forms will need to be submitted to the appropriate Undergraduate Dean's Offices for their review (the student's current college and the college of the proposed concurrent major).
  5. The outcome of the review will be entered into the LionPATH Results table by the Associate Dean's office of the proposed concurrent major.
  6. A second adviser (who is in the new program area) will be assigned for the student.
  7. The Associate Dean of the College of the new major will provide copies of the Concurrent Major Form to the concurrent college Dean, the Registrar's Office, the department or school, and the student as confirmation that the process is complete.


  • Students can begin working with advisers on the concurrent major forms in advance of submitting the LionPATH Update Academic request to add the major.
  • Submission of the concurrent major forms without the student initiating the LionPATH "Add Major" function in Update Academics will result in NO action from the college - the request cannot be processed without the associated paper forms.
College of Ag Sciences Concurrent Major Form
University Policy on Concurrent and Sequential Majors Program