University policies to ensure that work done is one's own and that the work of others is properly recognized.

Faculty and students alike are part of an academic community in which the sharing and advancement of knowledge are core values. High standards of academic integrity must be in place to ensure that this intellectual enterprise functions smoothly. Honoring the principles of academic integrity is a fundamental responsibility of all scholars, and the College of Agricultural Sciences is firmly dedicated to maintaining an environment in which practicing academic integrity is the norm. To that end, we are providing resources to aid both faculty and students in understanding and properly engaging the college’s academic integrity policy and procedures.


This information is for students completing course work and/or program in the College of Agricultural Sciences. Students are responsible for understanding how to avoid academic misconduct and academic dishonesty.

Information for Students


This information is for College of Agricultural Sciences faculty members who have reasonable suspicion that a violation of the Academic Integrity policy has occurred.

Information for Faculty

Academic Integrity Form for Faculty

University Resources and References