PSEAS will host 4 weeks of outstanding experiences, a tradition grown from the roots of the program, formally known as the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences.

COVID UPDATE: We are eagerly planning for this program to take place once again on the University Park campus of Penn State. However, should COVID-19 requirements prohibit an in-person experience, our team is also prepared to host the program fully online.

The first 3 weeks will focus on the core courses and their laboratory and classroom instruction. The fourth week of PSEAS students will participate in a research-based, hands-on service learning project. 2022 will be the 32nd year for this program to be offered at Penn State.  Look forward to special events for continued celebration! The schedule for PSEAS 2022 will be shared soon. Depending on the week, this schedule may vary.

In the classroom


Out in the field (literally)


And beyond


Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences