Make sure you know about these on-campus details so you come prepared to PSEAS!

Computers and Internet

If scholars desire to bring a laptop computer to PSEAS, they can connect to the internet via 2 methods in their residence:

  • Connect via Ethernet cable in the dorm room (scholar must bring - should be a minimum of 5 feet)
  • Connect to Penn State wireless in dorm common areas and lounges (and around campus) - scholars may set up wireless on their computers upon arrival (and with a Penn State access ID/password or guest connections) at the Pollock Commons Desk.

Laundry service

There is a laundry room located on the ground floor of your dorm building. You must pay for washing and drying machine services using Lion Cash on your id+ card (which you can add money to at the commons desk). Please bring your own detergent.

Managing your waste

You should empty your dormitory waste baskets when they are full by walking them down the hallway of your dorm and properly sorting them. The Penn State Waste Management System has developed an almost zero-waste recycling system, which we hope you participate in, by sorting your waste between all the labeled recycling receptacles.


  • University provided furniture and furnishings may not be removed from the dorm.
  • You will be billed for any missing/damaged furniture at the end of summer.
  • Mattresses are to be used on the bed frames provided and not on the floor. Additional furniture is restricted.
  • Candles, halogen lamps, electric space heaters, kerosene heaters and are not permitted in university housing because of the fire hazards they pose.
  • Only University-owned refrigerators and microwaves may be used in the dorm rooms.


There are no pets allowed in Penn State dorm rooms during the program.


University Park is officially a dry campus and alcohol is forbidden anywhere on campus. If any participant is found to possess or consume alcoholic beverages on University Park Campus, that participant will be expelled from the PSEAS program.


There is no student parking on campus and PSEAS scholars are not allowed to have a personal vehicle on campus.

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