As PSEAS Scholars, we are expecting that you have an outstanding experience at PSEAS 2022. In order to do so, specific guidelines need to be addressed and recognized by the scholars.


Scholars are expected to attend regularly scheduled classes, meetings, workshops, performances, presentations, and field trips for the entire four weeks of the program.

Appropriate Attire

During the regularly scheduled classes, meetings, workshops, performances, presentations, and field trips for the entire four weeks of the program, we ask that the participants wear appropriate attire. Tank tops and thin or "spaghetti-style" straps on tops, short-shorts, excessively ripped apparel or controversial prints on clothing will not be acceptable.

Respecting the Rights of Others

Scholars are requested to exercise mature judgment in respecting the rights of others and particularly to observe the following:

  • Smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes are not permitted in any building or enclosed area on the Penn State Campus. Furthermore, the Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences recognize that tobacco sales are illegal to individuals under the age of 18 and purchase of such substances constitutes a crime under Pennsylvania law. Therefore, smoking or use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes, vaping will not be permitted during any PSEAS activities.
  • Quiet hours in the residence hall.
  • For the right of an instructor or presenter to have an attentive and polite audience, cell phones should not be used during classes, presentations, networking events, and other formal settings.


PSEAS scholars will be expelled promptly for any of the following reasons:

  • Using alcoholic beverages and/or entering a bar without a parent or guardian.
  • Using illegal drugs.
  • Stealing.
  • Violence of any kind.
  • Maliciously breaking or damaging the property of others.
  • Possession of weapon(s).
  • Leaving the residence hall after curfew.
  • Behavior that is considered potentially harmful to oneself and/or others.
  • Bringing a vehicle to campus or riding in one other than with parents or PSEAS staff.

Residence Hall Procedures

  • Quiet hours will be set by the PSEAS director and School for Excellence Assistants. No loud music is to be played or other loud noise created during these hours.
  • Scholars may not have guests (external to the PSEAS program) in the residence hall and/or dorm room.
  • Scholars may not play ball games or throw Frisbees or other projectiles in the residence halls.
  • Fire drill procedures will be explained upon arrival.
  • Men are not allowed in the women's living areas and vice versa. The only exceptions to this rule are the designated lounge areas before curfew, during check-in and check­-out.
  • The School reserves the rights to have authorized staff enter any scholar's room without notice if reasonable cause suggests that regulations are being violated.
  • The School mentors and program staff are responsible for resolving any living/roommate problems that arise during the program or for referring them to the appropriate authority.


A nightly curfew has been set by the Director of the program. At curfew, the scholars are to be on their respective residence hall floors. Curfew will be strictly enforced.

Sunday through Saturday

10:45 p.m. - Curfew: must be on assigned floor

11:00 p.m. - Lights out and quiet!

All PSEAS rules are in effect for the duration of the program, both for on and off campus activities.

Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences