You will quickly find a home at PSEAS 2019, as you get the chance to house on campus at Penn State University Park. We want to make sure you know all about life on a Penn State campus to make your time at PSEAS as comfortable as possible.

Your residence hall will be posted at a later date! You will get to make yourself at home in the wonderful housing conditions of the residence halls, conveniently located within 1-2 blocks of most on-campus PSEAS activities. An example of one type of residence halls include dormitories that are fashioned in a "suite" format: each suite includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a small common living area. Scholars will be assigned a roommate and/or 2 suite-mates for their stay with PSEAS.

Room keys and PSU id+ cards will be issued at registration. Please be sure not to lose your room key or ID card, as there is a minimum fee of $60 for room key replacement and $15 replacement fee for ID card replacement.


The residence hall offers a unique suite-style dormitory experience. Nonetheless, the dorm rooms are equipped with the basics that every dorm should host.

Commons Services

The Commons area for North Residence Halls is Warnock Commons.

Mail Service

Scholars may receive mail during their time at PSEAS.

Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences