There are several individuals involved in the programming and execution of PSEAS. This PSEAS team is happy to work with you and make sure this experience is the best it can be!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Phone: 814-867-0383

Program Staff

Our PSEAS Support Staff has been working to develop PSEAS programming over the past several months and is excited to have the PSEAS Scholars aboard for the summer!

Director: Jenneth R. Layaou,

School Mentors

The program will have mentors who will be living, learning, mentoring, and working with the PSEAS scholars. These mentors will also be living in the residence halls in order to be available to assist scholars at all times. They additionally will attend classes and field trips with the scholars in order to best mentor them during their experience. All participants will be assigned to a mentor for the duration of PSEAS to have someone to check in with if a situation arises.

Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences