Posted: March 17, 2017

The recent blizzard notwithstanding, snow is melting fast with all this spring like weather. Even if you didn’t get much snow, we are looking forward to spring and your new summer workers. With some advanced planning, you can best be assured that your interns and program assistants will be able to use the computers and other IT resources on their start date or soon after.

As we have in years past, Ag IT is prepared to create computer accounts that will allow your seasonal support staff to use computers in your office. At your request, and as you see the need, we can also give them the ability for them to access your county's shared files and printers, and we can create an exchange email account that would give your summer assistants Penn State AG email addresses and calendar access.

But first, please remember that each support program assistant and intern will need their own unique Penn State Access account ID and password. Those Friends of Penn State accounts won't work for these employees. Each employee must complete and sign an application form, return it to Ag IT and share some very basic information to create accounts - information including first and last name, anticipated start and ending dates for their employment and whether they should have shares access and/or email. Our office will take care of getting the accounts created and we'll contact you when all is good to go.

Please note that even if you are re-hiring the same workers, they still need to complete the application. PSU can then re-open their existing account, if possible.

Also, be thinking about what computer these workers will be using. If it hasn't been used for a while, please get it out of the closet, put it on the network and boot it up. Many updates will be needed and starting this process now will allow your helpers to work rather than wait for their computer to update. If the summer worker computer is being passed down to them, be sure to submit a help request to get this re-imaged before they start.

Steps and details on this process can be found on our How To site.

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