Posted: September 20, 2019

Moving up is usually a good thing – moving up in the organizational chart, moving up in housing, moving up in the tax brackets (well, not that one). Now your My Documents Folder is moving up – moving up to the cloud – and it’s a good thing!

For many, many years we have backed up your important computer files by a process known as Redirected My Documents (RMD) - a process whereby a copy of your files remained on your computer, and your files were also copied to a server in your office. This gave us all peace of mind that if your computer was lost, stolen, compromised or tossed out of a window in frustration, your data was not lost. Now, as a part of the University's switch to a single domain, we are migrating your data away from a county-based server to a cloud-based server hosted by Microsoft under contract to Penn State - OneDrive.

Many of you have already switched to OneDrive, and more of you are scheduling the migration now. When you are contacted for an appointment to have your data moved, please reply quickly! The process is not difficult, and the end result is a plus for you and for us! We are setting a smoother path for future IT projects, and you are gaining access to your files from any computer that has access to the Internet!

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