Posted: September 20, 2019

An old country music classic by Jim Stafford includes the phrase, “All good things gotta come to an end…” It is good to have personal and professional use of Microsoft Office 365, but remember that this ‘good thing’ comes to an end when you are no longer a Penn State employee – and it comes to an end startlingly fast!

One of the perks of the Office 365 licensing program that Penn State has negotiated with Microsoft is the ability to legally install the Microsoft Office suite on (up to five) personally owned devices - your home computer, your tablet…even your cell phone. Now you have all the power of Microsoft Office at home to use Word to write the annual holiday letter for friends and family, to use Excel to keep the finances of your service club, and to help your kids make PowerPoint presentations for school…all allowable activities within the license contract with Microsoft. Of course, in unusual circumstances you can also use these products in your work!

But…it is important to remember that your ability to use the Microsoft Office applications is contingent upon you remaining a Penn State employee. Students, faculty, or staff that leave Penn State will lose access to all work and files saved in applications like Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint and all other Office 365 apps, other than Outlook on the web, 14 days after their departure. You will continue to have access to Outlook on the web and your inbox until your Penn State Access Account expires.

Separating employees and their supervisors should work together to be sure that Penn State data is moved to a suitable shared storage space, and employees need to be sure to secure personal documents prior to departure. Also, consider replacement products, or the purchase of MS Office 365 for continued home use after departure from PSU.

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