Posted: December 11, 2017

Everybody likes “Pop” things … PopTarts; pop (a beverage found in western PA only); popcorn; Pop-Pop (the Grandfather); Snap, Crackle, Pop, and, as we approach New Year’s Eve, some might enjoy the pop of the Champagne bottle. We hope that you will also like the new way we’ll be sending some important messages….a ‘pop up’ window, front and center on your screen.

Using the same technology (BigFix) that sends software and updates to your computer without your having to find a website and download them, Ag IT will be starting to use a function that allows us to send a message to you, which will pop up on your screen. We're telling you this today because….well….for many years we've been telling you to be very suspicious and wary of popup messages!

Our first use of this tool will be to help address computer security vulnerabilities. We acknowledge that this is a new, and perhaps more intrusive, communications tool, and we commit to using it only when we feel there is good reason. We ask that you also acknowledge the importance of the messages when you see them, and take the recommended action that may be indicated in the message.

We're including a copy of an example message window so you can become familiar with a genuine message from Ag IT and how it might be different from a fraudulent message. To help you to further identify our genuine messages from fraudulent messages, please note that we will never ask for your log in credentials, or your credit card number on that screen! If a popup arrives on your PC or in your web browser that asks those things, it will not be a legitimate message from Ag IT.


If you see a popup similar to this, and want to verify that it is authentic, simply give us a call at 814-865-1229 and Ag IT staff will be happy to help.

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