Posted: April 19, 2021

Spring is in the air (mostly) and your summer helpers/ interns will soon be arriving to your County offices. With advanced planning, you can best be assured that your interns and program assistants will be able to use the computers and other IT resources on their start date or soon after.

Since these helpers should be paid and therefore have PSU accounts with an email account, there is less prep work for you! Ag IT will still need to assist in most cases so keep reading, please. If your intern is unpaid, please reach out as soon as possible to your consultant so we can assist you in planning.

If they will be using an office computer:

  • Go ahead now and get it out of the closet/shelf/other hiding spot and get it powered up and on the office network. Then you can submit a help request but be sure to include the Service tag (usually on the bottom) so we can serve you better.
    • We can confirm it is supported and up-to-date for summer use.

 If they need access to office resources (such as the county share and printers):

  • We will need their name and user ID (ex. abc123) along with their county, to add them to the correct permissions groups.

If they are using their own computer:

  • They need to use psu-ext-pub to connect to the office network.
  • They will NOT be able to print or access the county share.
  • They can use email, Word, Excel, etc. via unless they have Office installed on their personal device.

Questions or concerns? Reach out! We'd be happy to assist.

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