Posted: June 4, 2019

My documents are on the move…or rather, your documents are on the move….no…make that your My Documents are on the move!

As we prepare for the migration of all College of Ag computers to the new Penn State domain (Extension computers will likely migrate late 2019 and early 2020), we need to change the way your My Documents are stored and secured.

Currently, My Documents are stored locally on your computer and re-directed/backed up to county servers (or servers here at UP). Over the next several months, we hope to migrate user My Documents to Office 365 OneDrive. This will allow a copy of the My Documents to be stored on your computer and a copy to be synced to the your cloud-based OneDrive space. By utilizing OneDrive, you'll be able to access their files from any computer where they have Internet access. Imagine! You can be working on files in your pajamas at home (though we don't recommend that).

We have been testing with a number of people and believe we have a good process in place for migrating the My Document files. Over the next couple of months, you will likely hear from your Ag IT Consultant to schedule a time to work with us to complete your migration. Due to bandwidth limitations, we will NOT be moving whole offices at a time. Not to worry if an office mate has been contacted and you have not. You will get your turn!

We are also excited to be welcoming a new part-time employee, Jordan Santillo, to help us with this project. If you have the opportunity to talk with Jordan, please welcome her aboard.

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