2023 Graduate and Undergraduate Expo Award Winners

On March 30, 2023, 93 research posters were presented by graduate and undergraduate students from all academic units in the College of Agricultural Sciences at the 25th Annual Gamma Sigma Delta Research Expo. Awards totaling $8,100 were determined by 36 judges and presented at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Gamma Sigma Delta Celebration of Excellence Ceremony on April 5th.

The Penn State Chapter, along with generous support from The Gerald T. Gentry Endowment for Graduate Education, The Evans Family Endowment and the College of Agricultural Sciences Graduate and Undergraduate Educational Offices, would like to recognize the following award winners:

Undergraduate Animal Systems

1st Place: Madison Bemisderfer

2nd Place: Isabella Kruba

3rd Place: Madyson Dailey

Undergraduate Environmental & Natural Resource Systems

1st Place: Vancie Peacock

2nd Place: Ziming He

3rd Place: Bridget Reheard

Undergraduate Food Systems

1st Place: Anna Sarubbi

2nd Place: Leah Bodinger

Undergraduate Human Behavior and Social Systems

1st Place: Laura Taraboletti

2nd Place: Grace Shawer

Undergraduate Plant Systems

1st Place: Charles Colvin

2nd Place: Grant Hoffer

3rd Place: Quinn Loudy

Graduate Biological Systems - Animal

1st Place: Alanna Staffin

2nd Place: Mingyao Yang

3rd Place: Bailey Basiel

Graduate Biological Systems - Plant

1st Place: Ryan Spelman

2nd Place: Casey Cruse

3rd Place: Sydney Ostlund

Graduate Food Systems

1st Place: Cynthia Loi

2nd Place: Soomee Hwang

3rd Place: Tykeesha Jefferson

Graduate Human Behavior & Social Systems

1st Place: Arun Regmi

2nd Place: Parmveer Singh

3rd Place: Carson Letot

Graduate Microbiology & Microbiome Systems

1st Place: Tyler Chandross-Cohen

2nd Place: Jaime Manzano Alvarez

3rd Place: Heather Hunt

Graduate Physical and Engineering Systems - Food

1st Place: Weiyun Hua

2nd Place: Juan Aruigo

Graduate Physical and Engineering Systems - Plants

1st Place: Jaya Tripathi

2nd Place: James Godwin

3rd Place: Kittiphum Pawikhum

Archive of Past Award Winners