2021 Graduate and Undergraduate Expo Award Winners

On March 23, 2021, 57 research posters were presented by graduate and undergraduate students from all academic units in the College of Agricultural Sciences at the 24th Annual Gamma Sigma Delta Research Expo. Awards totaling $4,000 were determined by 24 judges and presented at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Gamma Sigma Delta Celebration of Excellence Ceremony on March 31st held virtually via Zoom.

The Penn State Chapter, along with generous support from The Gerald T. Gentry Endowment for Graduate Education, The Evans Family Endowment and the College of Agricultural Sciences Graduate and Undergraduate Educational Offices, would like to recognize the following award winners:

Undergraduate Human Behavior and Social Systems

1st Place: Eamonn Powers

2nd Place: Matthew Haines

3rd Place: Hilary Snyder

Undergraduate Animal Systems

1st Place: Jasmine Morgan

2nd Place: Hailey Mattice

3rd Place: Jack Ibinson

Undergraduate Environmental & Natural Resources Systems

1st Place: Chloe Destremau

2nd Place: Chloe Roberts

3rd Place: Joshua Gershey

Undergraduate Plant Systems

1st Place: Nicholase Moose and Anjalie Sapre

2nd Place: Vancie Peacock

3rd Place: Nicole Dutzman

Graduate Biological Sciences

1st Place: Bailey Basiel; Advisors Drs. Tara Felix and Chad Dechow

2nd Place: Devyn McPheeters; Advisor Dr. Mary Ann Bruns

3rd Place: Jamine Harris; Advisor Dr. Tara Felix

Graduate Food Sciences

1st Place: Joshua Cassar; Advisor Dr. Ed Mills

2nd Place: Stiphany Tieu; Advisor Dr. John Gershenson

3rd Place: Attia Iram; Advisor Dr. Ali Demirci

Graduate Microbiology/Microbiome

1st Place: Tara Pickens; Advisor Dr. Darrell Cockburn

2nd Place: Morgan Roggenbaum; Advisor Dr. Howard Salis

3rd Place: Taejung Chung; Advisor Dr. Jasna Kovac

Graduate Physical and Engineering Sciences

1st Place: Marlene Carla Ndoun; Advisor Dr. Heather Preisendanz

Graduate Social Science & Human Behavior (Section 1)

1st Place: Kendra Flood; Advisor Dr. Kevin Curry

2nd Place: Carolyn Henzi; Advisor Dr. Matt Kaplan

3rd Place: Jana Russell; Advisor Dr. Daniel Foster

Graduate Social Science & Human Behavior (Section 2)

1st Place: Arun Regmi; Advisor Dr. Melissa Kreye

2nd Place: Hannah Whitley; Advisor Dr. Kathryn Brasier

3rd Place: Sadikshya Sharma

Archive of Past Award Winners