• the advancement of agriculture in all its phases
  • the maintenance and improvement of the relations of agriculture with other industries
  • the encouragement of recognition of the responsibility of those engaged in agriculture to their fellow citizens. 
  • The society seeks to encourage high standards of scholarship and worthy attainment in all branches of agricultural science and education and a high degree of excellence in the practice of agriculture pursuits.

Gamma Sigma Delta first came into existence at The Ohio State University, December 1, 1905. The society is strictly honorary in character, with membership limited to seniors, graduate students, faculty, and alumni associated with agriculture. 

Membership Eligibility

  • Eligible individuals are elected to membership by College of Agricultural Sciences faculty who are presently members.
  • Both seniors and graduate students in agriculture elected to membership must have demonstrated a high level of scholarship and must possess personal qualities which indicate promise of noteworthy attainment in teaching, research, or service in some field of agriculture.
  • Senior eligibility is limited to students in the upper 25 percent of their class. The number of these students elected must not exceed 15 percent of the seniors in agriculture.
  • Faculty eligibility is limited to those who have at least three years of experience in agriculture or in a science related to agriculture during which time exceptional teaching, individual research, or service has been demonstrated.
  • Alumni are eligible for elected membership five years after graduation, and only those may be chosen who, by virtue of outstanding attainment in agricultural pursuits, have demonstrated worthiness of this honor.