The deadline for nominating new members is the last Friday of January.

If you are interested in being nominated, please contact your Department Representative to learn more.

Penn State Chapter Departmental Representatives, to nominate new members please monitor your email for a link to the nomination forms. Any questions about nominations should be emailed directly to Jasna KovacGSD Secretary/Treasurer.

Eligibility criteria

  • Faculty and staff members: Nominees must be Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences members for at least three years; and have shown exceptional ability in an Extension, research, or teaching function.
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral associates: Graduate students or post-doctoral associates elected into membership are those who have: (1) completed at least 2/5 of the required program for the advanced degree being sought (Master's or Ph.D.); (2) shown superior ability to carry on research and/or advanced studies in agriculture; (3) shown promise for making further contributions; and/or (4) gained at least a 3.5 grade point average in graduate work.
  • Nominating and selecting alumni: Nominees must be Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences alumni not on the resident staff, who graduated at least five years ago and have rendered outstanding service to agriculture. Please provide a resume of the qualifications and accomplishments for each nominee.
  • Nominating and selecting honorary members: Honorary membership may be awarded to an individual who has furthered agricultural or related sciences, but is not otherwise eligible for alumni or faculty membership. Such membership is a prestigious award, limited to one per chapter per year. Individuals so honored need not have a degree or be directly involved in agriculture, but should be a leader at the University, community, state, regional or national level. Please provide a resume of qualifications and accomplishments for each nominee.