The following are examples of diversity-related faculty research in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.

Bilingual Produce Safety Education for Hispanic Fresh Produce Growers in Pennsylvania

In October 2017, USDA NIFA successfully awarded grant funding to Penn State Extension Food Safety team to bring bilingual Produce Safety educational materials and trainings to Hispanic Fresh Produce Growers and Farmworkers in Pennsylvania.

Extension Education Methods for Next Generation Hispanic/Latino Specialty Crop Growers
Faculty Research Collaborations with Minority Serving Institutions

A listing of current college research projects that have associations/collaborations with institututions that serve minorities.

Diversity-related Research Publications

Publications authored by faculty in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences that are diversity-focused.

Office of Educational Equity Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Do you want to think more critically about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the United States? Are you a leader who wants to speak with other leaders regarding DEI evidence-based findings? Whatever your level of expertise or reason for visiting, here are some topics that might interest you: How can I articulate the benefits of diversity? ​​​​​​​What is implicit bias and why is it important? How might I understand better students’ experiences? What is equity-minded assessment and how can it be used to guide my work? How does one implement DEI knowledge into action? Who are some of Penn State’s experts in DEI-related research? What are microaggressions? What is intersectionality? How do we build an engaged community?