Suggested Information for Extension Educators to Keep in His/Her Personal Civil Rights File

An extension agent's personal civil rights file should contain materials which document implementation of the: (1) Public Notification Plan (PNP), and (2) All Reasonable Efforts (ARE), for reaching either racial minority or other underrepresented clientele.

Civil Rights -- Public Notification Plan (PNP)

The Public Notification Plan (PNP) provides guidelines for reaching a broader and more inclusive audience.

Potential Barriers to Participation
Civil Rights -- "All Reasonable Efforts" (ARE)
Civil Rights - Groups Certifying Nondiscrimination

List of Organizations that returned a signed Civil Rights Nondiscrimination Certification Form

A Calendar to Celebrate Diversity
The Americans with Disabilities Act

* Alternative Format or Program Access Requests Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Penn State Affirmative Action Office

The Affirmative Action Office (AAO) supports Penn State’s strategic goals of advancing a diverse and inclusive community by providing expert advice and leadership to colleges and campuses, and all non-academic units, ensuring an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Penn State Staff Grievance Procedure, Policy HR79

The purpose of this policy is to define the procedure for regular staff employees to appeal the alleged or perceived violations of their rights under the University's published rules and regulations. Nothing contained herein shall negate the right of the University to augment or change its policies applicable to staff employees.

Penn State Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, Policy AC 76

This policy defines the procedures to be followed when issues involving faculty rights and responsibilities have not been successfully resolved through the normal channels of administrative responsibility and procedure.