01/30/20 - Sadeh

The Iranian Midwinter festival to honor fire. In ancient times, elaborate celebrations were held, involving feasting, dancing, and prayer. Huge bonfires were lit at sunset to help revive the declining sun, and to drive off the demons of frost and cold.

03/21/20--Now Ruz (New Year)
Seen as a traditional celebration of the ancient Persian New Year. Persians and other Indo-Iranian groups start preparing for the Nowruz with cleaning their house, purchasing and wearing new clothes, and visiting with family.

03/26/20--Khordad Sal
Zarathustra founded the Zoroastrian religion.

04/30/20-05/04/20--Gahambar Maidyozarem
Celebrates the creation of the sky.

06/29/20-07/03/20--Gahambar Maidyoshem
Celebrated as one of the six occurrences of the seasonal festivals. Zoroastrians assemble to eat and share food communally. These are joyous occasions in which rich and poor meet together, new friendships are formed and old disputes resolved.

Ten days are dedicated to Fravardeghan for preparation of the Now Ruz for those who follow the Shenshai calendar.

08/18/20--Now-Ruz (Shenshai)
Marks the Zoroastrian New Year and celebrates the creation of fire on this day on which Zarathustra received his revelation.

08/24/20--Birth of Prophet Zarathustra - Shenshai
Zarathustra founded the Zoroastrian religion and it became the state religion of various Persian empires until the 7th Century CE.

09/12-16/20--Gahambar Paitishahem
Zoroastrian's celebrate the creation of earth.

10/02/20 - Mehregan

This day honors Mehr, the one who is believed to create bonds of friendship and love. This is also the time for Autumn Festival in Iran. People celebrate by wearing new clothes and participating in a special feast that often includes symbolic rituals and food.

10/12-16/20--Gahambar Ayathrem
This time celebrates the creation of plant life.

12/26/20--Death of Prophet Zarathustra
This day marks the death of the founder of the Zoroastrian faith.

12/31/20-01/04/21--Gahambar Maidyarem
This day celebrates the creation of animals; also known as a time period of sharing food.