Gantan-Sai is the Shinto New Year holiday also known as the Shogatu. During the seven-day holiday, friends and family visit each other wearing their best clothes giving their best wishes for the upcoming year.

01/15/20 - Seijin Shiki(Adult's Day)

Day when young Shinto men and women celebrate the attainment of adulthood.

02/03/20 - Setsubun-Sai

The day when the Shinto community celebrates the beginning of Spring. Traditional celebrations include throwing beans at the Shrines. At home, the oldest man throw around roasted beans which is believed to send away demons and welcome good luck.

02/15/20 - Butter Lamp Festival (Tibetan)

It is the last of celebrations of the Tibetan New Year. During the daytime, people go to pray in temples and monasteries while at night there is a lantern show. Various lanterns with butter sculptures shaped in the image of deities, animals, plants, and human figures are displayed, attracting people from the neighboring areas to appreciate them.

03/03/20- Hina-matsuri (Festival of Dolls or Girl's Day)

This is the day when girls are honored

Ancestors are given reverence at home altars and considered active members of the living family. Grave sites are cleaned.

05/03/20 - Taue Matsuri

Shinto festival of planting rice. People pray for a bountiful harvest.

05/05/20 - Tango-no-Sekku

Festival when prayers are offered for the health and well-being of young boys. Families pray to protect young boys from evil spirites.

06/30/20 - Oharai/Grand Purification Festival

Rite of exorcising evil from the world. Devotees are cleansed and purified from offenses committed.

Celebrated mid way through the year, this ritual involves a Grand Purification Ceremony where Japanese worshippers walk through a ring of woven grass and reeds which are place at the entrance of the shrines.

09/22/20 - Shuki sorei sai (Japan)
This day is for the Japanese to honor their family ancestry by visiting their ancestral graves' and have family reunions. Also the Autumnal Equinox Day.

11/15/20 - Schichi-Go-San(7-5-3 festival)

This is the day when parents of young children pray to God thanking for gifting their children a healthy life and wishing a safe, prosperous and happy future for their wards.

11/23/20 - Kinro Kansha No Hi or Nilnamesei

This is Labour Thanksgiving Day where every person who is working is honored.

With the Sun being of great importance in Japan, this day is to celebrate the end of the Yin period of the Sun as it begins to decline in strength while the Yang period increases in power.