04/06/20--Mahavira Jayanti
Celebrates the 24th leader of the Jain religion, Lord Mahavira's birthday.

04/28/17--Akshaya Tritya
On this day Lord Rishabha broke his first year-long fast by drinking sugar cane juice.

This day is remembered by fasting and worshiping the 24 realized teachers of the Jain faith known as Tirthankaras or Jinas. While this is the holiest time of the year, it is celebrated for eight days.

The Shvetambara sect dedicate this day to introspection, confession and penance.

This is a ten day celebration with each day being dedicated to a virtue: humility, honesty, purity, forgiveness, truthfulness, self-restraint, asceticism, study, celibacy and detachment.

Also known as the Festival of Ten Virtues that designates

ten days of fasting and meditation for the Jains.

A day of universal forgiveness' for wrongs committed by and to the Jains.

11/15/20--Mahavira Nirvana
Jains commemorate this day because Lord Mahavira attained Moksa and celebrates the Festival of Lambs.

11/14/17--Lokashah Jayanti
On this day, Jains remember the birth of Lonka Saha, the 15th century reformer who opposed temple worship.