Some Eastern churches celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, typically 13 days behind the Western calendar.

01/14/20- New Year
The Eastern church celebrates the New Year on this day.

The Eastern Orthodox Church associates Theophany with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. 

03/02/20 - Clean Monday

This date begins the forty-days of fasting for Christians who chose to make sacrifices to imitate Jesus when he also fasted from the desert before his crucifixion.

04/09/20--Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)
Observed as the day that Jesus ate the Last Supper and washed the feet of his disciples prior to his arrest and crucifixion.

04/17/20 - Holy Friday

Commemorates the passion and death by crucifixion of Jesus.

04/19/20 Pasha/Easter
Observed in all Western Christian churches, Easter commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus.

04/20/20--Easter Monday
A holiday observed to commemorate the meeting of the women at Jesus' tomb with an angel who assured them that Jesus had been resurrected from the death.

05/28/20 Ascension
Celebrates the ascent of Jesus Christ into heaven.

Commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ after the Resurrection.