Impacts of COVID-19 Grants

Projects underway as a rapid response to the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on the interconnected systems of agriculture, food, and the environment.

Thriving Agricultural Systems in Urbanized Landscapes

This comprehensive, multi-institutional project is an interdisciplinary framework developed to conduct practical research into sustainable agriculture practices that will mitigate environmental degradation in the Chesapeake Bay watershed while providing economic feasibility to farmers and farming communities for the long-term.

Cycles Agroecosystem Models

The model Cycles simulates agricultural productivity (grain, forage and biomass yield) and the water, carbon and nitrogen balance of soil-crop systems subject to different climate, soil and management constraints.

Water Insights

Water Insights is an interdisciplinary seminar series on water science, water management, and water policy sponsored by the Environment and Natural Resources Institute. Speakers include researchers, water managers, and water policy makers from Penn State, other universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Lower Susquehanna Land and Water Initiative

The Lower Susquehanna Initiative seeks to increase and integrate Penn State’s education, research, and extension capacity with partners in southcentral Pennsylvania, with an initial focus on Dauphin, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties.

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