SAFES Leadership

Karen Fisher-Vanden

Karen Fisher-Vanden, Director
Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

Areas of expertise: economy-wide modeling; integrated assessment; energy-water-land interactions; climate change impacts, adaptation and resilience

Christina Grozinger

Christina Grozinger, Associate Director of Research Programs
Distinguished Professor of Entomology, Department of Entomology; Director, Center for Pollinator Research

Areas of expertise: stressors on pollinator health at the molecular, physiological, and behavioral levels; regulating mechanisms on behavioral variation and plasticity in insect societies; genomics, epigenetics, physiology, neurobiology, behavior, chemical ecology, and ecology of pollinators

Robert Shannon

Robert Shannon, Associate Director of Educational Programs
Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering; Coordinator, Environmental Resource Management Program

Areas of expertise: wetland biogeochemistry; riparian wetlands; pollutant impacts on aquatic systems; resource systems analysis

Matthew Royer

Matt Royer, Associate Director of Partnerships & Engagement
Associate Research Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education; Director, Agriculture and Environment Center

Areas of expertise: environmental law; nonpoint source pollution of water (agriculture and urban stormwater runoff); stakeholder engagement at local, state, regional, and federal levels

SAFES Executive Committee

In addition to the institute leadership, the following faculty are currently on the Executive Committee.

  • David Abler, Professor of Agricultural Economics
  • Alex Hristov, Distinguished Professor of Dairy Nutrition and Animal Science
  • Paul Esker, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology
  • Heather Karsten, Associate Professor of Crop Production and Ecology
  • Jason Kaye, Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry
  • Armen Kemanian, Associate Professor of Plant Science
  • Douglas Wrenn, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics




Tammy Shannon, M.Ed.
Academic Advising Coordinator, Environmental Resource Management
Course Instructor, ERM Program

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Amanda Raup
Administrative Support Coordinator, SAFES

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Kristen Koch
Program Manager, Agriculture and Environment Center

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Sarah Xenophon
Watershed Technician, Agriculture and Environment Center


Jennifer Fetter
Extension Educator, Water Resources
Collaborator, Agriculture and Environment Center

Institute Membership

Associate Members of the institute have faculty appointments in the College of Agricultural Sciences, can serve on operating committees, benefit from the technical infrastructure, and are permitted to request the use of resources and services provided by institute staff.

Affiliated Members of the institute are collaborators on institute-sponsored research projects and can benefit from the institute's resources, services, and infrastructure through affiliation with an Associate Member.

SAFES Directory

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