Faculty with the SAFES Affiliate status can be expected to help with: possible participation in SAFES seed grant proposal review; participation in SAFES seminar series and events; participation in Critical Issue Initiative team.


Flor Acevedo
Assistant Professor, Entomology/Arthropod Ecology

Theodore Alter
Professor, Agricultural, Environmental & Regional Economics

Elizabeth Boyer
Professor, Water Resources

Natalie Boyle
Assistant Research Professor

Rachel Brennan
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering/Agricultural & Biological Engineering/Law, Policy & Engineering

Daniel Brent
Assistant Professor

Stephanie Buechler


Associate Research Professor, Agricultural Economics, Sociology & Education

Eric Burkhart
Associate Teaching Professor, Ecosystems Science & Management

Paige Castellanos
Assistant Research Professor, International Agriculture 

Anil Kumar Chaudhary
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Extension Education

Guangqing Chi
Professor, Rural Sociology, Demography & Public Health Sciences

Stephen Chmely
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Shirley Clark
Professor, Environmental Engineering

Estelle Couradeau
Assistant Professor, Soils & Environmental Microbiology

Dennis Decoteau
Professor, Horticulture & Plant Ecosystem Health

Francesco Di Gioia
Assistant Professor, Vegetable Crop Science

Francisco Dini Andreote
Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes

Ryan Elias
Professor of Food Science

Herschel Elliott
Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Lisa Emili
Associate Professor, Physical Geography & Environmental Studies

Jill Felker
Lecturer, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Jennifer Fetter
Extension Educator, Water Resources

Michael Fidanza
Professor, Horticulture

Erika Ganda
Assistant Professor, Animal Science

Sarah Goslee
Adjunct Associate Professor, Agronomy/USDA-ARS

Jill Hamilton*
Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Science Management

Long He
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Sara Hermann
Assistant Professor, Arthropod Ecology & Trophic Interactions

Helene Hopfer
Rasmussen Career Development Professor, Food Science

Jason Keagy
Research Assistant Professor, Ecosystems Science Management

Kathy Kelly
Mammalian Pathologist

Peter Kleinman
Adjunct Associate Professor, Soil Science/USDA-ARS

Melissa Kreye
Assistant Professor, Forest Resource Management

Meetpal Kukal
Assistant Research Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Danielle Lawson
Assistant Professor of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management & Science Education 

Zhen Lei
Associate Professor, Energy & Mineral Engineering

Carolyn Lowry
Assistant Professor, Plant Science

Michael Mashtare
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Marc McDill
Associate Professor, Forest Management

Lauren McPhillips
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Allyson Muth 
Assistant Research Professor, Private Forest Management

Meera Surendran Nair
Assistant Clinical Professor Resident, Veterinary Microbiology

Robert Nicholas
Associate Research Professor, Earth & Environmental Systems Institute

Andrew Read
Evan Pugh Professor, Biology & Entomology

Amit Sharma
Professor and Associate Director School of Hospitality Management; Director, Food Decisions Research Laboratory

Claudia Schmidt
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics

Christopher Scott
Goddard Chair & Professor, Ecosystems Science Management

Adrian Timms
Assistant Teaching Professor, Agribusiness Management

Martina Vecchi
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics

Nathaniel Warner
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jack Watson
Professor, Soil Science/Soil Physics & Biogeochemistry

Hong Wu
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Katherine Zipp
Associate Professor, Environmental & Resource Economics

*indicates affiliation with more than one CII