Faculty with the SAFES Affiliate status can be expected to help with: possible participation in SAFES seed grant proposal review; participation in SAFES seminar series and events; participation in Critical Issue Initiative team.


Flor Acevedo
Assistant Professor, Entomology/Arthropod Ecology

Theodore Alter
Professor, Agricultural, Environmental & Regional Economics

Elizabeth Boyer
Professor, Water Resources

Natalie Boyle
Assistant Research Professor

Rachel Brennan
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering/Agricultural & Biological Engineering/Law, Policy & Engineering

Daniel Brent
Assistant Professor

Eric Burkhart
Associate Teaching Professor, Ecosystems Science & Management

Paige Castellanos
Assistant Research Professor, International Agriculture 

Guangqing Chi
Professor, Rural Sociology, Demography & Public Health Sciences

Stephen Chmely
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Shirley Clark
Professor, Environmental Engineering

Estelle Couradeau
Assistant Professor, Soils & Environmental Microbiology

Dennis Decoteau
Professor, Horticulture & Plant Ecosystem Health

Francesco Di Gioia
Assistant Professor, Vegetable Crop Science

Francisco Dini Andreote
Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes

Ryan Elias
Professor of Food Science

Herschel Elliott
Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Lisa Emili
Associate Professor, Physical Geography & Environmental Studies

Jill Felker
Lecturer, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Jennifer Fetter
Extension Educator, Water Resources

Michael Fidanza
Professor, Horticulture

Sarah Goslee
Adjunct Associate Professor, Agronomy/USDA-ARS

Long He
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Sara Hermann
Assistant Professor, Arthropod Ecology & Trophic Interactions

Helene Hopfer
Rasmussen Career Development Professor, Food Science

Jason Keagy
Research Assistant Professor, Ecosystems Science Management

Kathy Kelly
Mammalian Pathologist

Peter Kleinman
Adjunct Associate Professor, Soil Science/USDA-ARS

Anil Kumar Chaudhary
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Extension Education

Carolyn Lowry
Assistant Professor, Plant Science

Michael Mashtare
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Marc McDill
Associate Professor, Forest Management

Lauren McPhillips
Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Allyson Muth 
Assistant Research Professor, Private Forest Management

Robert Nicholas
Associate Research Professor, Earth & Environmental Systems Institute

Andrew Read
Evan Pugh Professor, Biology & Entomology

Claudia Schmidt
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics

Meera Surendran Nair
Assistant Clinical Professor Resident, Veterinary Microbiology

Adrian Timms
Assistant Teaching Professor, Agribusiness Management

Martina Vecchi
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics

Nathaniel Warner
Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jack Watson
Professor, Soil Science/Soil Physics & Biogeochemistry

Hong Wu
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Katherine Zipp
Associate Professor, Environmental & Resource Economics

*indicates affiliation with more than one CII