Friends of the Pasto Agricultural Museum Volunteer Council Organizational Guidelines

Friends of the Pasto Agricultural Museum Volunteer Council

Organizational Guidelines

Article I. Preamble

The Pasto Agricultural Museum is owned by the College of Agricultural Sciences of The Pennsylvania State University and located at the Ag Progress Days site at Rock Springs. The primary objective of the Museum is to present visitors with historical observations of early technological progress in agricultural production and home living, especially as they applied to rural areas of Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States. The Museum focuses on the period when energy for work was supplied by the power of humans and domesticated animals, before the advent of engines and electricity.

The museum is staffed by a curator, and supported by volunteers, alumni and friends. The curator reports to the Dean's Office and the College Resource Committee, comprised of administrative unit leadership in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Article II. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Friends of the Pasto Agricultural Museum Volunteer Council (hereafter called "Volunteer Council").

Article III. Purpose of the Volunteer Council

The purpose of the Volunteer Council is to serve as a resource to the Museum Curator and Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences to assist in the development of the Pasto Agricultural Museum.

Article IV. Policies

The Volunteer Council is non-commercial, non-sectarian, and non-partisan.

The name of this organization or the names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with commercial concern, with any partisan interest, or with any charitable organization for any purpose not related to the promotion of the objectives of this Volunteer Council.

This organization shall not make any binding commitments to any entity.

Any funds raised by the Volunteer Council must be used to support the work and mission of the Pasto Agricultural Museum.

Article V. Membership

The Members of the Volunteer Council shall be made up of all volunteers and friends and donors and supporters of the Pasto Agricultural Museum.

Article VI. Leadership

The Council Leadership shall be composed of members in good standing of the Volunteer Council:

  1. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Volunteer Council; shall appoint committees and delegates not otherwise provided for and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  2. The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Council Chair in the absence or disability of the Officer to serve. The Council Vice-Chair will assist the Council Chair in coordinating committees, and perform other duties assigned by the Council Leadership. The Council Vice-Chair shall be encouraged to assume the duties of the Council Chair in the year following the end of the Council Chair's term.
  3. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Volunteer Council and the Council Leadership, shall notify Council Leadership members of upcoming meetings and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Council Leadership.
  4. The Museum Curator serves as a member of Council Leadership and as a liaison between the Volunteer Council and the College Resource Committee and Dean's Office.

Council Leadership members shall be elected annually by the general membership of the Volunteer Council organization.

Council Leadership members may hold office for two consecutive one-year terms. After a one-year absence, they will be eligible for re-election.

A Nominating Committee of three shall be appointed by the Chair of the Council Leadership. No more than one member shall be from the Council Leadership; the remaining two shall be from the general membership.

Leadership will be confirmed by vote of Volunteer Council membership in attendance at the Annual Meeting.

Article VII. Standing Committees and Task Forces

Standing Committees and Task Forces, comprised of volunteers, get the work of the museum accomplished. Standing Committees are formed around primary areas of need for the museum. And when special projects and opportunities present themselves a Task Force may be formed for the duration of the project.

Chairpersons of the standing committees can be shared by more than one person. Length of term for a Committee Chair person is no more than three, two-year terms. The chairperson of each standing committee shall present a plan of work, either verbally or written, to be shared with Volunteer Council and approved by Curator.

Committees and Task Forces shall be created by the Curator and Council Leadership as deemed necessary. Since a Task Force is created and appointed for a specific purpose, it is automatically disbanded when its work is completed and its final report is received.

Article VIII. Council Meetings

The Council Leadership shall meet quarterly. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair of the Committee and/or Curator.

The Volunteer Council will meet at least two times annually. The exact date of such meetings shall be specified by the Council Leadership and Curator. All meetings are open to the public. One of the meetings will be scheduled in May/June and considered the "Annual Meeting" of the membership. The Council meets to report on progress and discuss issues and priorities for the museum.

A quorum shall consist of Volunteer Council members in attendance.

Article IX. Records

The Volunteer Council shall keep correct and complete books and records of all Council meetings which may be inspected for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

Article X. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised shall govern the Council in all cases in which they are applicable except where they are in conflict with these Guidelines.

Dated: DRAFT May 31, 2013
To be proposed and approved by:
College Resource Committee, Dean's Office, and Friends of the Pasto Agricultural Museum Volunteer Council at the Annual Meeting Tuesday June 25th, 2013

Mission of the Pasto Agricultural Museum

The mission of the Pasto Agricultural Museum is to provide the general public with an understanding and appreciation for early agriculture and rural life especially in Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States.

What we say about the museum to our public

The Pasto Agricultural Museum features hundreds of rare farm and home implements from the "muscle-power era," before the advent of electricity and gasoline-powered engines. As we move through the season, we provide reasons for visitors to return, with new exhibits and displays added throughout the year. Special programs and activities highlight the collection, and presentations connect our agricultural past to the present day. By seeing and touching tools and equipment used in early agriculture and rural life, visitors can better understand and appreciate how early technological developments led to modern-day technologies. Previously open only by appointment and during the three days of Ag Progress Days in August, the Pasto Museum -- which was recently enlarged and renovated -- now welcomes visitors 1pm to 4pm every Sunday afternoon during Penn State home football weekends. See for event details and directions.

Pasto Agricultural Museum


Museum Address:
2710 West Pine Grove Road, Gate K

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865