Fostering Forests

Across the United States, forests face unprecedented threats, and scientists in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences are conducting novel and complex research to conserve them.

Buzzing With Purpose

Community scientists work to protect Pennsylvania's wild bees

Conservation Reimagined

Exploring new approaches to cope with a changing climate

The Interview: Julie Urban

The associate research professor in the Department of Entomology is at the forefront of efforts to halt the spread of the invasive spotted lanternfly

A Wild Selection of Food

Research explores intersection of gender with underutilized wild plants to combat food insecurity in Southeast Asia

Eat Your Minerals

Select microgreens in custom diet may help deliver desired nutrients

Trace Mineral Shows Promise as Leukemia Killer

Researchers reveal how dietary selenium initiates death of dangerous stem cells

TikTok Builds Empathy

Farmers are accustomed to producing crops and other goods, but a study led by College of Agricultural Sciences researchers suggests the social media platform TikTok may help them cultivate something new: empathy about climate change.

Bees Endure One-Two Punch

Solitary insects face added risk from heat-wave, pathogen infection

Do Riparian Buffers Work?

USDA grant funds study to measure effectiveness in curbing water pollution

Unlocking Secrets of Fertility

Newly identified protein function may reveal understanding of lifetime fertility

A New Start for Gluten-Free

Sourdough starter research raises hope for better bread choices

Beech Bummer

Leaf disease puts beech trees in jeopardy

A Holistic Approach to Solving Problems

Leveraging emerging technologies to support people and the planet

Winter Lights

The college's greenhouses allow researchers and educators to conduct experiments in a controlled environment year-round.