Delete Files or Folders

Prior to your Box data being migrated to OneDrive, it is a good idea to do some housekeeping to delete files and folders that are no longer needed. The information below explains how you can delete files and folders from Box on the web ( If you are a Box Sync or Box Drive user, you can also clean up files directly from those applications.

Box Collaboration

This How to will provide important information to be considered prior to Box migrations.

Box Notes Migration

Box notes will automatically be migrated to OneDrive as Microsoft Word documents, but formatting will not be retained. If you desire to keep formatting, you will need to copy the content of your Box notes into a new Word document prior to your migration. You can use the steps below to identify Box notes associated with your Box account.

Box Bookmarks

Bookmarks saved in your Box account cannot be automatically migrated to OneDrive. Bookmarks you wish to retain will need to be manually re-created.

Box Comments

Box comments are not able to be migrated to OneDrive. To preserve Box comments you wish to keep, copy and paste them directly into the file. NOTE: Any comments made directly to Office 365 files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint files) will remain post migration.

Large Box Files

Individual files stored in Box that are greater than 15 GB cannot be automatically migrated to OneDrive. These files will need to be manually copied to OneDrive or an alternate storage location.

Box Document Versions

The automatic migration of files from Box to OneDrive will only copy the most current version of the file. If keeping older versions of files is important to you, they will need to be preserved prior to migration.

Box Sync

If you have been using the Box Sync (different from Box Drive) application to access Box files from your local hard drive, there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure your files are migrated successfully.

Box Migration Checklist

Ag IT, in collaboration with Penn State IT, is working with user to automatically migrate data currently stored in Box to Microsoft OneDrive. We plan to have all accounts migrated by the end of April 2021. Want to know what you can do to prepare? Read on!

Group Box Accounts (Non-Person Accounts/NPAs)

Box Non-Person Accounts (NPA) are used by work units. These accounts are owned by a non-person, identified by a “b-” prefix, and are accessible as a shared folder when you log in to your personal Box account. Because these accounts can have multiple co-owners, their migration is slightly different and more complex.